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新聞 - 俄男錢砸婦女節 自嘲買禮物險破產

俄男錢砸婦女節 自嘲買禮物險破產 更新日期:2009/02/27 10:35 三月八號國際婦女節即將到來,屆時,俄羅斯全國將放假一天。女士們會得到鮮花、巧克力、香水等禮物。新上架的女性用品,即便在全球經濟不景氣情況下也不會降價。女士們瞄準著有面子又貴的,男士們則盯著便宜實惠的禮物。 據俄國媒體報導,俄羅斯民調結果顯示,在2008年婦女節期間,俄國女士得到的禮物中化粧品居第一位,必備禮物是鮮花。 而今年嬌蘭、雅詩蘭黛等化粧品公司推出的多為60美元左右的新品。俄羅斯鮮花連鎖店紮起一束束玫瑰和康乃馨等人挑選。一枝不包裝的玫瑰花價格為3美元,包裝漂亮的5朵玫瑰約30美元。婦女節那天價格將上漲1.5到2倍。 聖彼得堡市民(安德烈)說,去年婦女節,送給媽媽、女朋友、女同學、姐姐、妹妹的禮物花掉他400美元,險些讓他破產。 俄羅斯女大學生(克里斯吉娜)說,在俄羅斯,吃飯喝茶應該由男孩子付錢,在婦女節一定要預定餐廳才有位子。這裡的男人不付錢是不禮貌的行為。 大學男老師(馬克西姆)抱怨說:現在的女孩子大都見錢眼開,她們要的不是男人,是一個(活動錢包)。
The International Women Day In today`s Russia International Women`s Day has nothing to do with the feminist movement for protection of women`s political rights. On this day women enjoy being taken care of by their men and children. 8 March is kind of a combination of St. Valentine`s and Mother`s Day. It is a wonderful day of womanhood, love, flowers and indulgence. Being a National Holiday in Russia International Women`s Day is free from work. Women`s Day was celebrated already in ancient Rome. Matrons (free married women) got presents or other nice treats from their husbands. Even female slaves received gifts and were granted a couple of work-free hours. Wearing festive gowns and flowers in their hair, women went to temples of Vesta, the Roman Goddess of the hearth and home. A couple of centuries later women started to fight for their rights. On 8 March 1857 female garment workers marched through New York City protesting against low wages and poor working conditions. At the Second International Conference of Socialist Women held in 1910 in Copenhagen, the German feminist Clara Zetkin suggested to dedicate 8 March to women`s fight for equal rights. Russia started celebrating International Women`s Day in 1913. As after the October Revolution in 1917 Bolshevists guaranteed equal rights for everyone, women didn`t have to fight for their rights any more. So 8 March turned into one of the most beautiful holidays that welcomes springtime with lots of flowers and loving compliments. The most popular present are flowers, especially mimosas, daffodils and tulips. 8 March is celebrated everywhere: in offices, schools, families and, of course, in private. Students and businessmen prepare nice surprises for their classmates and colleagues. Children paint something or do handicrafts as gifts for their mothers and grannies. Men come home with flowers for their wives and candies for their daughters.